What is Neuro-IFRAH®?  

Where do I look up types, descriptions, and objectives of courses?   

What makes the courses superior and unmatched?

There is so much information out there where do I start?   

Is there research for Neuro-IFRAH®?   

I have taken other Neuro courses from Waleed Al-Oboudi prior to the current courses. Should I take a Neuro-IFRAH® course?

Can I take a Neuro-IFRAH® advanced course if I have not taken the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course? What if I have taken other Neuro courses elsewhere?  

How does specialization work? What is the process?   

I would like to take the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course, however I prefer not treating patients during the course. Is that an opt

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Which Businesses are licensed to fabricate Neuro-IFRAH Orthotics?

What is Neuro-IFRAH?                                                                                                   Neuro-Integrative Functional Rehabilitation And Habilitation (NEURO-IFRAH®) is an approach originated by Waleed Al-Oboudi, MOT, OTR/L. Mr. Al-Oboudi is renowned nationally and internationally for his superior concepts and highly effective and unmatched clinical skills. The unique name of the approach was originated by the author to give an overall idea to the reader regarding the scope of this approach. The word Neuro- was selected because this approach is intended for patients who are affected by lesions at the level of the brain stem and above. The word Integrative was selected to describe that this approach is integrative on all levels. It is integrative of all systems of the person as well as all information past and present. It is integrative of all internal as well as external variables and combinations and products of these variables affecting patient response, normal or otherwise. It is integrative and inclusive of fields of study as well as bodies of information. It is integrative in terms of variables related to therapists, the rehabilitation team, rehabilitation programs, facilities, home, community, and other environmental variables...It is integrative at all these levels and much more. Any variable that has an affect on the patient needs to be considered. The word Functional means meets intended purpose or need, thus the word functional was selected because this approach is functional. All aspects of rehabilitation and habilitation are individualized to meet the patients intended purpose or need. The words Rehabilitation and Habilitation were selected because this is what we do in therapy. It encompasses many aspects of therapy, thus there is no reason to find other words. One aspect of rehabilitation is to restore to the fullest physical, mental, social, vocational, economic status thus rehabilitation is not limited. However, our patients are not only re-acquiring skills they are learning new ones as well. Thus Habilitation occurs throughout alongside with rehabilitation.

The powerful words used in the name of the approach gives a small glimpse of the wide scope of this truly dynamic, highly individualized, whole person, functional, inclusive, and visionary approach.

Where do I look up types, descriptions, and objectives of courses?                               You can look up courses at

What makes the courses superior and unmatched?                                                       Many aspects...some examples are: The content, from theoretical aspects to the practical labs. Even in the small percentage where it may appear that it overlaps with other courses, the depth and detail provided sets even that small percentage apart. The overall content is unmatched because there is nothing like it in terms of depth, vision, and effectiveness. The superiority of any approach is based on the effectiveness in application. Waleed Al-Oboudi is renowned for his clinical skills that are highly effective and in a class of its own. The philosophy and vision forwarded by this approach clearly demonstrates the role of therapist in healthcare to serve humanity and the impact our actions have on civilization overall.

There is so much information out there where do I start?                                                 First of all it is important to note that ideas/approaches are intended to serve therapists who in turn serve patients. That means make information work for you. In our opinion approaches that are not inclusive limit therapists and lead to destructive tendencies in healthcare, including self serving competition and conflicts between team members and disciplines. Whatever helps the patient progress and elevates the status of healthcare is welcomed. The standard to evaluate the effectiveness of any approach is the results you get on patients. That could be a simple guide for the team. There is a lot of theory that is not backed by effective practical application. Being effective is not an all or none phenomena. One can be effective and yield positive results but the results and degree of effectiveness in terms of time and amount can be enhanced with another approach. Thus in reading any book it is true that one can not judge a book by its cover but you can effectively judge the approach by the results and depth demonstrated in the patient case studies and demonstrations. Thus in summary theory amounts to only words that are not impressive if the results are not convincing in the application.

Is there research for Neuro-IFRAH?                                                                          Research is underway in many aspects for Neuro-IFRAH®. Many concepts are built on principles learned in physical and occupational therapy in terms of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, normal biomechanics in a variety of functional and activities i.e. gait, body mechanics, joint protection. etc. which are in themselves topics that are researched. Neuro-IFRAH has so many aspects from handling to orthotics and tools that have been extremely effective in yielding positive results in resolving patient impairments and improving function as demonstrated on patients nationally in every course and as reported by clinicians throughout the nation. In addition the Neuro-IFRAH® Organization has perhaps the largest library documenting patient treatment programs and progress over various time spans. The unmatched effectiveness of the Neuro-IFRAH® approach is self evident and is distinguished by the wide exposure of the Neuro-IFRAH® approach and the remarkable progress reported by participants as a result of application on patients.  The unmatched video library documenting superior results on a very large number of patients throughout the years.  This collection has been most impressive to therapists nationally and internationally. Steps for research are underway and information will be available to the public at a later date. The  unique approach of using video to document all research vs. reporting done by eh researcher is an important part of research that will be made available to the public in the future.

I have taken other Neuro courses from Waleed Al-Oboudi prior to the current courses. Should I take a Neuro-IFRAH™ course?
It is true that Waleed Al-Oboudi taught most of the advanced courses and more 3 week courses than any other instructor from 1993 to 2003 and thus has an extremely large following from those courses due to his unique labs, handling skills, and concepts. It is important to note that the Neuro-IFRAH™ courses include Mr. Al-Oboudi’s highly effective strategies and concepts, and the depth and application recommended by him. In addition the Neuro-IFRAH® courses are specifically designed to cover a wide range of information that is only taught in Neuro-IFRAH® courses. Bases on the positive consumer feedback from those therapists who were previous students of Mr. Al-Oboudi who have now taken a Neuro-IFRAH® course Mr. Al-Oboudi highly recommends the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course as a baseline for his advanced and ultra advanced courses.

Can I take a Neuro-IFRAH® advanced course if I have not taken the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course? What if I have taken other Neuro courses elsewhere?
At this time we have two types of advanced courses. We do have advanced courses that are specifically designed for therapists who have not taken the Neuro-IFRAH
® Certification course. Basically these courses cover part of the information in the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course and prepare the participant for the other type of advanced courses developed for participants who have taken the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course. We have provided this option to not exclude participants from education. At this time in history this option is available.  

How does specialization work? What is the process?
With all Neuro-IFRAH Specialist® programs participants must have taken an advanced course and ultra advanced course specific to the topic of specialization. The other weeks of training are spent in hands on patient treatment and management being mentored by the Author and/or Neuro-IFRAH® Instructors. The schedule for the clinical portion of the specialist program is scheduled in 1 to 2 week increments.

I would like to take the Neuro-IFRAH® Certification course, however I prefer not treating patients during the course. Is that an option?
That is perfectly ok and that is your choice. We provide the options of Certification courses with patients, without patients, or testing without patients as is done in many approaches and fields of study in healthcare. Of course you always have the option of home study information with no testing as well. We have provided all of these options based on consumer needs nationally and internationally over the years to serve you best.

Businesses that are licensed to fabricate Neuro-IFRAH® Orthotics
KineMedic Concepts is the the primary business specializing in the fabrication of all custom and pre-fabricated Neuro-IFRAH® Orthotics and Therapy Equipment. 
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