Neuro IFRAH Clinics ™ Los Gatos, CA

November 16-20 2024


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Waleed Al-Oboudi MOT, OTR Originator of the Neuro-IFRAH® Approach

This five day NEURO-IFRAH® ADVANCED course is designed for therapists who have successfully completed the NEURO-IFRAH ®CERTIFICATION COURSE AND THE NEURO-IFRAH ADVANCED GAIT COURSE. This course is superior and unmatched in concepts and application. This course has set a historic precedence for addressing the foot in Neuro-Rehabilitation in an effective step by step process from initiating first movements to full functional mobility and control. Participants will be guided through a step by step process of increasing mobility and control . Participants will be provided with a highly effective hands on protocol to guide the therapists step by step through the process of restoring full functional use of the foot in patients effected by a stroke or brain injury. participants will be instructed in protocols for appropriate effective orthotics and other adjuncts at various stages in recovery.

1. Demonstrate understanding of basic structures of the foot and overall foot function. 

2. Demonstrate effective application of strategies in restoring  mobility in the foot.

3. Demonstrate effective application of strategies in restoring normal foot control and function. 

4. Demonstrate understanding of protocol for step by step process in regaining foot function in upright postures and appropriate orthotics and other adjuncts required for each step. 

(Sponsor reserves the right to cancel course for unforeseen reasons), cancellation policy: No refunds if applicants cancel less than 45 days prior to the course. Full refund of tuition paid if the course is cancelled by the sponsor for unforeseen reasons. Final decision on course status will be made 35-40 days prior to the start date of any course.