A balanced Approach


hands-on therapy

training equipment & orthotics

environmental factors




Waleed Al-Oboudi, MOT, OTR/L is a therapist and educator in the field of rehabilitation nationally and internationally for over 30 years. He is the originator of the Neuro-IFRAH® approach and is known for his concepts and clinical skills in the treatment and management of patients affected by a stroke or brain injury. Many of his basic to advanced concepts are copied as he was the mentor of a number of known educators for many years. He is the originator of all his intermediate to advanced concepts and applications. He is also the originator of the IFRAH® concepts and applications for patients affected by orthopedic conditions. Mr. Al-Oboudi’s Neuro-IFRAH® approach includes a whole system of hands on therapy, training equipment, and orthotics that are taught by Neuro-IFRAH® Instructors at top facilities and are popular and effective courses nationally and internationally. Mr. Al-Oboudi’s concepts and clinical skills are self evident and aim to set a standard of excellence in rehabilitation as they have been continuously demonstrated in live national conferences, courses, and teleconferences for over 25 years.