Published on: May 27, 2023

The NEURO-IFRAH Organization has always sought to inform the consumer that we endorse only the NEURO-IFRAH Center, NEURO-IFRAH CLINICS, and NEURO-IFRAH CLINICS BY WALEED. Within this endorsement an important distinction must also be made: The NEURO-IFRAH Organization endorses only the levels of training that have the designation “Clinical” in the title on our certificates. 

Over the years, thousands of therapists have taken and continue to take courses that represent less than 1% of the very basic information of the approach. Attendees of these courses may receive certificates due to meeting attendance requirements, but concepts introduced in these courses represent less than 1% of the approach. Given that the basic course is non-clinical, course certificates should not be used to indicate a level of skill. 

Regarding what it means to be a regular NEURO-IFRAH Instructor: 

NEURO-IFRAH Instructor Training is a training to teach very basic courses which comprise less than 1% of the approach. The trained instructors follow specific transcripts to ensure consistency; no clinical skills are implied. The vast majority of therapists who have completed Instructor Training took this course for networking and for promotions to director/supervisory roles; they did not complete or were not offered the clinical track. Very few instructors teach, as teaching the material requires recall of this basic information on the transcript, and being consistent. 

It should be noted that the NEURO-IFRAH Organization has disassociated from inactive instructors. Only active instructors are listed on the Neuro-IFRAH instructor website, though this listing does not imply clinical skills. NEURO-IFRAH Instructor Clinical, as well as all the certifications that include the word “Clinical” in the service mark, imply specific endorsed clinical skills. No other basic service marks imply ongoing endorsed clinical skills. The NEURO-IFRAH Organization also only endorses and recommends the NEURO-IFRAH Center, NEURO-IFRAH CLINICS, and NEURO-IFRAH CLINICS BY WALEED that are listed on our homepage:

The NEURO-IFRAH approach is a hands on approach and does not endorse any tele-therapy, biotech fads, and high compensation gait programs that do not work on restoring normal movement, do not address deficits in the patient’s trunk, and do not reduce and prevent the abnormal muscle activity in the form of hypertonicity. The NEURO-IFRAH approach restores control while following rehabilitation principles rooted in restoration and not compensation. It is the only approach that is noted for its self-evident results as being superior and unmatched. Thus, it is unsurprising that many therapists who took very basic, non-clinical courses try to claim association or an endorsed level of skill. Consumer discernment regarding misleading advertisement is therefore critical.